Seven Churches Of Revelation Tour

Seven Churches Of Revelation Tour
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Seven Churches Of Revelation Tour

Destinations : 7 Churches of Revelations,
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Seven Churches Of Revelation Tour

This tour package combines and focuses on the Seven Churches of Revelation, as mentioned by Saint John. Get ready for a trip to the past, where the origins and infrastructure of Christianity’s spread into the rest of the world were created.

Day 1  Arrival in Izmir

Seven Churches of Revelation Tour Once you land in Izmir, you will be greeted by our crew and transported to your hotel downtown for check-in. After you have settled in, our guide will meet you in person to deliver your envelope with your official itinerary, vouchers and tickets over a cup of Turkish coffee or tea while you are briefed shortly about your tour. The rest of the day will be yours to chill out before your overnight stay in Izmir for the start of this Special Turkey Tour.

Day 2  Smyrna & Pergamum Tour

Seven Churches of Revelation Tour You will be picked up by our guide early in the morning, for the first part of your epic biblical excursion into the ancient city of Smyrna. Hometown of Polycarp – the disciple of John who was martyred by the Romans, Smyrna was inherently prosperous due to its privileged location on the major trade routes. Even the ruins of the city bears the reminders of the days of glory. We will pay our respects at Kadife Castle, where he was martyred. After our detailed narrative here, we will hop onto our vehicle and head for Pergamum. Boasting the most steeply-built ancient theatre in the world, this seat of Ionian kingdom was once a marvel of culture and education, source of many myths for those who lived here. Revelations mention the city as “the altar of Satan”, due to the presence of a massive temple dedicated to Greek god Zeus. The Red Church, which was converted into a chapel from a pagan temple will also be on our list of visit before we walk through the Asclepion – the ancient healing centre of the city – and head back to downtown Izmir for an overnight stay.

Day 3 Thyatira, Sardis & Philadelphia Tour

Seven Churches Of Revelation Tour After our guide picks you up from your hotel in Izmir, we will begin our history-filled adventure with Thyatira – an ancient trading centre which housed another one of the seven churches of revelation. It was known to have harbored and tolerated the false prophet; Jezebel. Once we are through with our excursion here, we will move onto Sardis. Recognized by the world as home of the breath-takingly huge Temple of Artemis, the city gained its wealth through minting of coins and production of wool. The Royal Road and gymnasium will also be visited before we move down to Philadelphia – a rather famous one of the seven churches. Our walk through the city including the Byzantine Basilica will take us to the spot where we will meet our vehicle and head to Pamukkale for an overnight stay.

Day 4  Hierapolis & Laodicea Tour

Seven Churches Of Revelation Tour Following breakfast at the hotel, we will depart for our first destination of the day, the ancient city of Hierapolis Seven Churches Of Revelation Tour After an early morning pick-up, we will head to the most widely known member of the seven churches; Ephesus. This ancient port city is one of the best-preserved examples of Greco-Roman culture and architecture. Well-recognized landmarks like Library of Celsus, Temple of Hadrian and the houses on the hill that belonged to men of religion look almost as if they are still inhabited. Graced not only by the visit of Saint Paul, Ephesus was more importantly the spot where Virgin Mary and Saint John fled to after escaping Jerusalem. Since then, it has become a destination of pilgrimage for Christians from all around the world, including Popes. The house that they stayed in, including Saint John’s Basilica will be on our checklist during the Ephesus tour. After our excursion comes to an end, our crew will take you to Izmir Airport – which concludes our services.

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