Eastern Turkey Black Sea Tour

Eastern Turkey Black Sea Tour
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Eastern Turkey Black Sea Tour

For those of our guests who look for more than classics, this unconventional tour package is the ideal choice. We are ready to take you on an adventure from the ancient historical marvels of the East to the paradise-like natural havens of the Black Sea in our Eastern Turkey Black Sea Tour. Are you?

Day 1  Arrival in Cappadocia / Eastern Turkey Black Sea Tour Begins

Once you land in Cappadocia, you will be greeted by our crew and transported to your authentic cave hotel for check-in. After you have settled in, our guide will meet you in person to deliver your envelope with your official itinerary as a start of your Eastern Turkey and Black Sea Tour, vouchers and tickets over a cup of Turkish coffee or tea while you are briefed shortly about your tour. The rest of the day will be yours to chill out before your overnight stay in Cappadocia.

Day 2  Hot Air-Balloon Ride / Cappadocia Tour

Very early morning pick-up from the hotel around the time of sunrise, transfer to the take-off site for the hot air-balloon tour, transfer back to the hotel for breakfast. Afterwards, pick-up from the hotel for the full-day Cappadocia Tour where we will go through epic destinations such as Goreme Open-Air Museum, Pasabag, Avanos, Uchisar Cave Houses and Goreme Panorama. Upon the ending of the tour, you will be transferred to your authentic cave hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 3  Ride to Kahta via Kayseri, Karatay & Maras

You will get picked up from your hotel by our guide and driver early in the morning, to make the most of daylight. On our way to Kahta province of Adiyaman in Eastern Turkey, we will catch glimpses of the glorious Mount Erciyes in Kayseri, amazing early Seljuk architecture in Karatay and Kahramanmaras city – where we might get a chance to stop by for its world-renown Turkish-style ice cream. Upon our evening arrival in Kahta, you will be checked-into your hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 4  Mount Nemrut Tour, Visit Ataturk Dam, Sanliurfa City & Ancient Settlement of Harran

Early in the morning, our guide will pick you up from your hotel for a full day of magnificent sightseeing. The start of the tour will be an excursion to Mount Nemrut – where we will visit the site of the mysterious statues, believed to be a royal tomb established around 1st Century BC. Later on, we will pay a quick visit to Ataturk Dam: one of Turkey’s most original hydroelectric dams built in a very particular style, blending in with the soil. Afterwards, we will move to downtown Sanliurfa – a magnificent city of Eastern Turkey filled with history around every corner. Our final destination will be Ancient Harran, which has been a hub for commercial, artistic and religious developments throughout history since the Early Bronze Age. Upon ending of our tour, you will be transferred to your hotel in Sanliurfa. Urfa is also famous for its meat and spice-dependent cuisine, known as the motherland of kebab so your guide will be more than happy to give you some restaurant suggestions for an unforgettable dining experience.

Day 5  Transfer to Mardin via Konya

In the morning, you will get picked-up from the hotel for the transfer to Konya. Towards noon, you will arrive in Konya and stop for a short break where you can have lunch and briefly discover the adopted home of Rumi – which also happens to be on the legendary trading route of ancient times: The Silk Road. Later on, you will move on to Mardin for an evening arrival. After check-in to your hotel in the historical district, you may have some free time to drop by downtown for dinner per your guide’s recommendations before your overnight stay.

Day 6 Midyat, Hasankeyf & Diyarbakir Tour

After breakfast, our guide will pick you up from the hotel for an amazing start in the town of Midyat. Dating back to 3rd Millenium BC, the town is home to many artifacts from Mitannians, Assyrians, Armenians, Medes, Persians and Romans all the way up to Ottoman Empire. Later on, we will move to the mythical ancient settlement of Hasankeyf. As one of the oldest known settlements in Mesopotamia, it is easily dated back to prehistoric era. Although it is under the threat of being flooded by the nearing completion of Ilisu Dam, it is still proudly exhibiting many well-preserved ancient samples of architecture from Roman & Byzantine empires – along with ancient Islamic cultural influences and Ottoman marks. Our day will come to an end upon our arrival in Diyarbakir province, with final historical narratives around the city followed by drive to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 7  Roadtrip to Van / Van City Tour

Todays adventure will begin with a noon pick-up from your hotel for a roadtrip to Van province in Eastern Turkey. Famous for its large, “dragon-shaped” lake, it is filled with history and stunning nature all around. In fact, it would be quite difficult to visit what it has to offer in a short time after our roadtrip, so we will stick with the city centre for its unique atmosphere. Towards the late afternoon, you will be transferred to your hotel in Van for an overnight stay.

Day 8 Van & Hosap Tour

Once you are ready to hit the road, our guide will pick you up in order to head to previously unvisited areas of main Van province, including the old town and museums – along with some room to do shopping and sightseeing. Later on, we will move to Hosap Castle outside town – so we can have an extensive guidance of the castle and its surrounding area. Towards the evening, we will return to our hotel in Van for our final overnight stay here.

Day 9 Dogubeyazit Tour /  Transfer to Kars

Towards noon, we will leave our hotel and get on the road to Dogubeyazit, a historical town in Agri province of Eastern Turkey. Our main points of interest will be Mount Ararat, Ishak Pasha Palace from the mid 18th century, the castle and mosque of Old Beyazit and an ancient Urartu temple dating back to 900 BC. What makes Dogubeyazit so special is that according to many rumors, myths and research – it is believed to be the place where Noah’s ark finally hit the ground. We will get a chance to see this spot before our transfer to Kars city for an overnight stay.

Day 10  Kars Tour / Transfer to Artvin

Early in the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel for our excursion into the heart of Kars city, with significant inclusions like the ruins of Armenian city Ani – otherwise known as the Cİty of 1001 Churches – and the Church of Apostles from the 9th century among many others. Our trip will eventually take us to Artvin, where we will be guided through Ottoman history with its old houses, mosques and other architectural masterpieces and maybe Parekhi monastery if we get the chance before our arrival at the hotel for an overnight stay.

Day 11  Ayder Tour

Around noon time, you will get picked up from the hotel by our guide and set the course to Ayder in Rize; one of the best-preserved natural havens of Turkey. Since your entire path is one big panoramic scenery, you will be able to take advantage of this and stop for multiple photoshoots. After your arrival in Ayder, it will mostly be hiking on the green hills so we would advise you to wear some comfortable shoes. Ayder will be your chance to discover the original lifestyle of countryside Turks, and enjoy the pure air running through your lungs and revitalizing your body and soul. You will also encounter many authentic spots that have been the subject of some of the greatest photographs ever taken, just like the Bricked Bridge. Once the trip ends, our crew will transfer you to your hotel for your most peaceful overnight stay.

Day 12 Uzungol Tour / Transfer to Trabzon

With well-rested minds and bodies, we will get on the road early in the morning; heading for Uzungol town in Trabzon. On your way, you will get a chance to observe how the world-renown small blades of Surmene are made in their original spot during a brief workshop. Once you have arrived in Uzungol, your guide will take you on a trip among the unique green beauties of this secluded town. Later on, you will have multiple chances for photoshoots at the waterfalls and during lunch. Once the trip comes to an end, you will get on the road back to Trabzon downtown. Since your route will coincide with it; you will be able to visit the most authentic tea factory of Turkey and see how one of the most important parts of our food culture is produced. After check-in at your hotel, you will stay overnight in Trabzon.

Day 13 Trabzon City Tour

After breakfast at the hotel, our guide will take you on a journey throughout Trabzon, filled with history and wonderful nature. In the afternoon, you will have some free time to keep discovering yourself and do some shopping for souvenirs before your final overnight stay in the jewel of Black Sea.

Day 14  Free Time in Trabzon / Transfer to Airport and End of Services

After breakfast at the hotel, you will have some free time to finalize your shopping or say farewell to Trabzon in any way you like, depending on your flight schedule. At a pre-set time according to your departure flight (possibly to Istanbul), our crew will transfer you to the airport – which concludes our services in the Eastern Turkey Black Sea Tour.

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