Some tales are just told via word of mouth, and some are etched into the very concept of history and bravery itself. Some are like that epicly so, that they inspire entire cultures and nations – even names given to children throughout centuries. One of those is the Ancient City of Troy, the main setting of the epic poem Illiad written by Homer. Up until a few decades ago, Troy was believed to be non-existent, a piece of historical fiction due to the exaggerative details in Homer’s anectodes. Then when it was discovered, the world realized the truth behind it since what was found was even more epic than what the stories told us. Today, Troy is a World Heritage Site as marked by UNESCO.

Due to its location at an extremely strategical point residing over the Dardanelles and Sea of Marmara – just like Gallipoli, Troy was held in high regard by many civilizations. The first city built on Troy’s site was a Hittite one; Wilusa founded in 3rd Millenium BC – making the site older than 5.000 years today. The famous Trojan Horse as told in our Troy Tour, was a part of clever deception Greeks used to outplay the defensive Trojans, who had converted to Hellenic Illion and later into Troia over the course of a few hundred years. Later on it became a Roman city until its conquest by the Ottoman Empire. Due to the site still being carefully excavated, there are still wonders to be unearthed. Our tours in the area take us from the walls of Troy II all the way up to the Odeon, passing through the likes of Temple of Athena, Agora , the famous ramps and museum of Troy with extensive guidance so we can have a trip to the past; into the most legendary battle ever fought in the history of mankind.

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