PMD stands for Priene, Miletus and Didyma – three magnificent ancient sister cities within very close proximity to each other. They are so close that in fact, it is possible to visit them all consecutively on our PMD Priene Miletos Didyma tour in one day.

Located in Aydin province of Turkey, Priene is the starting point of PMD. Second largest of the sister cities, it is home to Temple of Athena – the stunning temple funded and designed by Alexander the Great himself. Dating back to the 4th Century BC, the city prospered under the rule of Macedonians, Greeks and finally Romans before recognizing the rule of Ottoman Empire. Although much of it is still yet to be unearthed, it is a perfect start to our PMD trip.

Miletus is the ancient Greek city that lies along the coast of Maender River, within several kilometres distance to Priene. Famous for its amazingly well-preserved amphitheatre and tunnels, the city was a centre of education and culture due to its location in the middle of the major trading routes of the region. Dating back to the 13th Century BC in Late Bronze Age, it was also home to Hagia Sophia’s architect, Isidore of Miletus.

The final and most epic of the three cities is Didyma, which also happens to be the largest one unearthed. It houses countless Greek and Hellenistic artifacts and samples of architecture, the most important one being Temple of Apollo. Due to some epic bad luck throughout history, its construction took centuries. The city’s name means “twin” due to the fact that it also boasted Temple of Artemis, which was never recovered. Today, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year – leaving them in awe due to the massive scale of the sanctuary as you will be able to witness on our PMD Tours.

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