Right on the epic route from Troy to Ephesus, there is one other destination that is definitely worth mentioning. It is such an important destination that in fact, it was mentioned by Saint John himself in the Book of Revelation. That spot is none other than the Ancient City of Pergamon, located in Izmir province of Turkey on the Aegean Coast.

Built around 4rd Century BC, this Greco-Roman city drew its inspiration from many cultures even though the Greek population refused the advancements that came in with Rome’s rule. Boasting the most steeply-built ancient theatre in the world, this seat of Ionian kingdom was once a marvel of culture and education, source of many myths for those who lived here. Revelations mention the city as “the altar of Satan”, due to the presence of a massive temple dedicated to Greek god Zeus. The Red Church, which was converted into a chapel from a pagan temple is also among the list of must-see spots in this UNESCO World Heritage Site which attracts hundreds of thosands of visitors every year. Up until the Middle Ages when its possession was passed to Seljuk Turks of Battle of Merzikert, the city remained a strategical hub with access to many routes all over Anatolia. Today, some of its artifacts are displayed in the most respected museums around the World.

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