A miracle of nature, a unique sight to eyes: Pamukkale is one of a kind. Came to being as a result of volcanic eruptions tens of thousands of years ago, its calcified warm water pools have attracted the world’s attention ever since – making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site in present day.

Located in Denizli province of Turkey, the name of the mother of all springs is directly translated as “Cotton Castle” due to its one-of-a-kind appearance. Even though this generations-old healing centre was always recognized, it rose to prominence under Roman rule. Having discovered its regenerative effects, Romans built a majestic town around it called Hierapolis. As it was also on major trade routes in the western part of what we now know as Aegean region of Turkey, it quickly flourished and gained even more popularity. As it can be seen in our daily Pamukkale tours, it is so much so that according to myths, Cleopatra of Egypt is said to have visited the site often, swimming in a particular pool to replenish her beauty and youth. This claim is backed by the fact that the pool in question was especially adorned and preserved by the Romans. Today, it is aptly named as Cleopatra’s Pool and cherished by the Turkish people, embedded into our culture.

Another fact which made Pamukkale a holy place is thousands of years ago when the same volcanic activity that made the pools pushed carbon dioxide into a cave – oddly named Plutionium – leading to its purpose as a place of worship after long trips from all over the world for the Roman God Pluto. Aside from its chilling but equally beautiful Necropolis, the Hierapolis Museum right beside Pamukkale also boasts a collection of unique artifacts from Caria, Pisidia and Lydia regions of Ancient Greece and Rome.

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