Passing through destinations such as Antalya might be a tiresome ordeal at certain times, especially in summer when the population of the city is tripled due to the influx of visitors from all around the world.  But right at the edge of all that hassle, there is one little piece of heaven that will take your breath away with the state of peaceful existence it offers. That piece of heaven, is aptly named Olympos.

As it is explained on our Olympos tours, it is named after the Lycian – Roman city ruins right off the coast. Olympos is tiny in comparison to many other resorts in Turkey. What makes it so special is the authenticity; with its warm guest houses and hostels, street shops offering authentic Mediterranean and Aegean food. As it is a pit stop for Blue Cruise gulets departing from Fethiye and a starting point for its own gulet cruises, it deserves the attention of a voyager. The town is covered in tree houses and bungalows, making it look like right out of fairytales – encouraging travelers to discover it on their own. Many activities like mountain biking or canyon roaming, with amazing sightseeing and swimming opportunities are second to none. The breath-taking ruins of the ancient city are also available for visit, on top of Eternal Flames of the Chimera which can be visited at night after a short bus ride from downtown. As one might guess, there are many resident Aussies in the town due to its marvellous looks and enjoyable atmosphere.

As Imperial Travel, we have made it our mission to introduce you to the world of wonders such as Olympos – via Travel Booking Turkey. In many of our Turkey tour packages, Olympos is included as either in small group tours or in a private tour, so we can be a proper host on your journey where you will be satisfied both as a history buff and sightseer. For further information or travel tips about tours in Olympos or in general, feel free to contact us and view our gallery.