On the Mediterranean coast of Mugla province in Turkey, lies a town that is still mostly untouched, natural and breath-takingly beautiful. The amazing marina-town, which can be described as the ultimate spot for leisure-seekers is named Marmaris.

As a world-renown centre of sailing and diving, Marmaris is also a great spot for wintering of thousands of boaters with its two major and several smaller marinas. Even though its certain date of foundation is yet to be discovered, the first mentions of the site begins around 6th Century BC with the name “Physkos” as a part of ancient Caria. It was invaded by Alexander the Greek and later ruled by the Eastern Roman Empire along with the Ottoman Empire. It flourished especially during the Beylik era of Turkish history in the area.

Its amazingly-green nature and perfect waters allow for nature enthusiasts from all around the world to properly enjoy their time with countless watersports and other activities. Beside these qualities, Marmaris is also a port hub for several blue cruise routes for gulet tours in Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey. Its white and blue based architecture makes it look a lot like a Greek island-town. The food culture is especially well-developed in Marmaris with its hundreds of great restaurants, bars and pubs. For those interested, the town also boasts a very active night life throughout spring and summer seasons. On top of all these, it is highly recommended to take some day cruises off-shore for entertainment and touring and jeep safari to properly experience the natural setting Marmaris has to offer.

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