Every legend has a home, a birthplace. Every influential person has a background to lean on, most of which was created at the place that they call home. For Rumi – also known as Mevlana – it was Konya, his adopted hometown which was once the capital of the State of Seljuk, predecessor to the Ottoman Empire.

Still perfectly preserving its authentic aura, the city owes this to the amazing architectural heritage left from the Seljuks. It came to prominence under their rule in 12th Century AD, as a key destination on the most famous trade route ever: the Silk Road. Rumi, who is known as a figurehead of peace and highly regarded by the world as an ancient poet settled here during the golden times of the city – where he taught of peace and understanding to anyone who were willing to listen, without discrimination. Today, Konya is a testement to all those ideals as shown in our Turkey tours that include Konya trips.

When you have enough free time to spend in Konya, it is imperative to visit the Museum (and Mausoleum) of Rumi to pay your respects and understand his preach better to the core. To add into this, it would be a great idea to pass by the incredible landmarks such as Iplikci Mosque, Ince Minare Museum and Alaaddin Hill for a peak at the remains of the old palace. Finally, you may want to consider visiting Saint Paul Catholic Church; just to understand the fact that Rumi’s initiative worked and etched religious and humanitarian understanding into the minds of numerous generations that came ever since.

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