There are many wonders in Turkey. In fact they are so many in number that a lifetime may be barely enough to visit them all. But some of those are also superior in quality, making them must-see on a trip to Turkey. One in particular is Ephesus Ancient City, the jewel of Western Turkey (Aegean Region).

Built by Greek colonists around 10th Century BC, Ephesus flourished quickly as a coastal city of the Ionian League. Its location on important trade routes (3 kilometres from today’s Selcuk province of Izmir) led to its swift development into a hub of commerce and therefore culture. Celsus Library was built as a testament to the city’s emphasis on Education. At some point in ancient history it became so important that it housed one of the Ancient Wonders of the World: Temple of Artemis. Although the majestic temple was greatly damaged during a raid by Goths in 268 AD, the city still attracts numerous travelers every year whether they are independent tourists or partaking in group tours in Turkey.

Its pre-Christian background is not the only thing that makes it special, as the Ancient City of Ephesus is mentioned as one of the Seven Churches of Asia in the Book of Revelations. It is rumored to be the place where Gospel of John was written. During the time that Ephesus was under Roman rule, a St. John’s Basilica was built as homage – of which remains can be visited on excursions to Ephesus. As it is explained on one of our Turkey tours which is the full day Ephesus tour – it is also home to House of Virgin Mary, believed to be her last abode where she lived her final days. The small building with the altar has been sanctioned as a place of pilgrimage, visited by popes on their Turkey excursions.

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