When you need some time away from all the hassle and stress of living in or visiting the bustling cities of Turkey, you would need an alternative so as to get your bearings together, relax out and have some peace of mind. One of the best alternatives for this purpose in its own region, is Lake Egirdir and its surrounding town – Egirdir.

Founded by the Hittites and fell to Phrygians around 1200 BC, the town was so much desired that it went through subsequent conquests by Lydians, Persians and Alexander the Great. Finally after being held by the Byzantine Empire, it was captured by the Ottomans. Aside from the amazing historical remains you may get a chance to visit on our tours that stop by Egirdir, its main attraction is the stunning natural grounds that the lake lays on. The 482 square kilometers area that the lake covers makes it the second largest fresh water lake in Turkey, therefore allowing the surrounding nature to grow perfectly. When you are there during our Egirdir tours, the peaceful small towns and villages will offer you a chance to observe natural Turkish life.

As Imperial Travel, we have made it our mission to introduce you to the world of wonders such as Egirdir – via Travel Booking Turkey. In some of our special Turkey tour packages, Egirdir is included either in small group tours or in a private tour, so we can be a proper host on your journey where you will be satisfied both as a history buff and sightseer. For further information or travel tips about tours that include Egirdir or in general, feel free to contact us and view our gallery.