Traveling with a limited number of days in your hand is usually difficult, especially when you need to choose between a leisure trip or a journey full of historical tours. In Turkey, it is easy to sort that out because we have many amazing destinations for your trip, just like Antalya where you can do it both and in a spectacular fashion.

Located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, Antalya is commonly referred to as the ‘summer tourism capital’. Since it is bordering with the mythical Mediterranean Sea, it is a well-known stop for tours in Turkey. Its particular spot has allowed it to remain on major cultural and commercial routes, keeping it on the map for thousands of years.  It draws its name from the founder King Attalos II, ruler of the ancient Greek city Pergamon. Lately it has been discovered that the city is even older than previously thought; with proof of expansion on another settlement started around 133 BC. Due to its widely-recognized importance, it was visited by religious figures such as Paul of Tarsus and St. Barnabas. Since then, it has accumulated an incredible amount of history, continuing with Romans, Seljuks, Ottoman Empire and finally the Republic of Turkey. The Seljuk mosque from the 13th century and the Christian Basilica from the 7th century are still in peaceful coexistence as a reminder of that.

If the fact that it is possible to walk around and touch history itself along the beautifully preserved streets of the Old Town (Kaleici), or an excursion to the ancient remains of Perge, Aspendos amphitheatre and Side followed by a boat trip and a taste of the Mediterranean-style Turkish food at one of marvellous seaside restaurants is not enough, you can even set your accommodation to be in one of the renovated Ottoman mansions for an experience right in the middle of the days of old. Keeping in mind the historical side of Antalya, it is only half the reason why you should visit it. Its main attractions are the golden beaches, fully-fledged world class hotels and countless activities to take part in. Moreover, Antalya is a world-renown centre of watersports; housing enthusiasts and professionals alike. One of the best tours in Antalya that you can take, is without a doubt the Blue Cruise. This 4-days 3-nights voyage will take you from the historical coast of Antalya all the way to Fethiye, turning your trip to Turkey into an unforgettable memory of majestic moments, leisure and relaxation along the way.

As Imperial Travel, we have made it our mission to introduce you to the world of wonders such as Antalya – via Travel Booking Turkey. In many of our Turkey tour packages, multiple tours in Antalya are included as either in small group tours or private tours, so we can be a proper host on your journey where you will be satisfied both as a history buff and sightseer. For further information or travel tips about tours in Antalya or in general, feel free to contact us and view our gallery.